Friday, May 20, 2011

White Wedding-Poland part one: getting there

I know, I know, I didn't have time to finish writing about my own wedding but I am going to write about this winter wedding hold the coming weekend.

Now, I am on my way to the event---a romantic winter wedding in Karpacz Portland. A lovely couple I met back in Sweden are getting hitched and they decide to tide the nod in Portland where the groom original is from. They love to have a snowy ceremony and we all have to fly to the lovely Polish ski area for their big day!

Unfortunately there is no flight directly to Poland from Taiwan and we decide to fly to Seoul first and connect the flight to Prague from there and take 3 hours bus to get to the final destination. We always want to check out Seoul where my parents grew up and this is a good chance for us to visit my the other hometown.

So, the plan is: Fly to Seoul and stay there for 2 days, fly to Prague from Seoul and stay in Prague for 4 days. Join the rest of the guests in Prague station and take the party bus from Prague city to Karpacz. Stay over the wedding weekend, come back to Prague for one day and fly to Seoul. Stay in Seoul one night and fly back to Taiwan. What a trip! I am super looking forward to the wedding.

Our day in Seoul started with, no doubt, food!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Taiwanese way

Taiwanese has some customs when it comes to weddings.

Taking pre-wedding photo is one of them.
Besides taking pictures during the wedding ceremony, Taiwanese usually will make a photo album about their love stories ahead of time so the guests can WOW and HWA when they wait to get in the ceremony hall.

Sounds silly, and it is. When we just moved to Taiwan B saw some couples taking pre-wedding pictures around our apartment, and he swore he would not be one of them! Well, never say never. We also had our pics taken and make them into a HUGE photo album.

The best part of this photo shoot was the bride got to wear a lot of more dresses than just the one in the ceremony! So I went to Julia wedding again to pick the extra clothes for our photo shoot.

All the grooms who are going to get married to Taiwanese brides have to know one essential idea--the bride is the super star in this photo shoot and the groom is somehow a prop in the background. You can tell by the the numbers of dresses they offered me to try-on!

My point of this photo shoot was "exaggerating", any ridicurous and crazy dresses, just bring them on!!

Some sexiness was good for cheering my dear B up during the upcoming longggggg photo shoot.

OK, I think you all enough of me today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2 years.

When you are having fun, time flies.

I guess that's why it dawned on us to realize we have been legally married for 2 year now! Wow, what happened?

We basically ate our way into our marriage, therefore, there is no exception this time.
Usually, I am the decision maker in turns of what we gonna eat, but this time, I gave the right to my dear husband B. I don't know where we are going to till the morning I ask him what I should wear for the occasion. Surprisingly, he goes for the traditional way, a Michelin star chef glorious french restaurant --L'atelier de Joel Robuchon Taipei

This is our 5th time eating there, I am liking this place more and more! The first time we
dined there with B's parents [about more than a year ago] it was a letdown cause we felt the atmosphere, service and food were very amateur comparing to the L'atelier we went in Paris. I think it was because we ordered the set menu [ little boring for our taste] and they were trying to form a new team at that time.

The restaurant is located at the most luxury shopping mall in Taipei city, you can feel it when you walk across the marble floor to get into the left. When we walk in the mall on a weekday noon, it gives us the guilty pleasure feeling that knowing other people are still working at this moment, hahaa.

B emailed the main chef--Yosuke Suga whom we accidentally chat one time in the restaurant before and told him today is our anniversary. He manages to give us a private corner with beautiful orchids to avoid we celebrate our marriage with 20 other people by the bar. Since they actually are fully booked it is a miracle we get this great spot~
2 years ago and now,any difference?

Sadly the main chef is not there cause he is on the business trip with the Mr. Robuchon to
Macao. It doesn't matter, the lunch is just as great as we expected!
The relatively new sommelier comes by with preparation, I am so happy to see he takes out the big gun!

Champagne without request~yummmm.

We get the menu along with the champagne, we toast away the "lunch special" and dig 
into the a la carte , this is a serious meal!
The sommelier is very nice and immediately point out which dishes are new ones and they have fresh 
oysters from France to die for. An aphrodisiac appetizer sounds great for today, we gonna have it~ We 
each order one other appetizer and one main course and one dessert,this is gonna be a long long lunch 
and we are looking forward to it.

I decide to wear exactly the same dress I wore the night we registered our marriage in Stockholm. 
I guess this will be one of my new traditions from now on--just hope I can still fit in that dress when I am 
50 years old lol.

Almost every thing is the same but I change my mind when it comes to shoes!
I had my beloved Prada on 2 year ago but I go for the new Dolce and Gabbana leather print 
The food is here

Amuse bouche is a new experience to me, the textures play a big part in this shot glass. 
I love the jelly and creamy foam mixed on my tongue. These 2 oysters are not creamy but 
full of the great saltiness, ocean flavor as if we have a bite of entire French coast.
Then the next 2 amazing appetizers hit us.

He says the huge bite taste better
I have the langoustine carpaccio with poppy seeds and B has some ravioli with peas and chantarelle. The carpaccio is one of the best carpaccio I ever had and the meat is firm, fresh and flavorful. The herbs and poppy seeds are so refreshing and this dish is served under perfect temperature. L'atelier is always good with peas and this dish is creamy and dreamy. The chantarelle is more moisture than the way we usually prepare it at home but still adds a great smell and texture to the dish.

More to come~

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wedding dress

Searching for a perfect wedding dress is always a bitchy journey.

In Taiwan, 99%of brides rent their wedding dress, wedding dress rental is a huge industry here. B is a Swedish, he doesn't like the idea of renting my dress for the big day " Think about it, once of your life time! You don't want to rent a dress somebody else may had it on" he said.

OMG, B has no idea buying a dress is not easy here, I either has to fly back to USA for buying a dress or I have to custom make one here. Overall, it is cheaper and more convenient to make my dress here.

We find to a place where they can design and make a wedding dress for me with decent quality in Taipei city. The place called "Julia wedding" they do wedding photo, dress rental and design, make up and hair etc.. The price is not that cheap--I can buy a Vera Wong with that budget.The process was very detailed, my wedding dress designer will reference my desires and pictures to come out with 3 idea sketches and I pick one to do mock-up. I have to do 3 times fitting and they will sew the whole dress all over again with the real material.

The first and second fitting was disappointing...
The cut didn't fit me well, too much shit on the dress.

The last fitting my sister and I were finally feeling there is a hope that I can walk down the aisle not naked,haha.

Actually, it was better than that, when they put the veil on me to try out the mock-up, my sister was feeling emotional and had a tear in her eye [she insisted that's because she was pregnant and moody] Adam never saw the dress till the wedding, we did pretty good job to hide the dress away from him!

Here is the final mock-up looks like

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Register our marriage

2009. Sep. 9th B and I tided the knot in Stockholm before we moved to Taiwan.
Talking about registration, sounded very complicated but it was really out of my imagination here! No need to wait in line, no city hall. The ceremony was hold at one of our favorite restaurant in town--" Leijontornet" means the lion's tower. It is a cozy and historical spot in old town.

The process was shockingly simple, a city judge came to the restaurant, read some announcement, made us signed the papers and we were hitched! Then we all moved to the private room call " Dragon room" had a feast --the perfect ending for a registration!

That was a one star Michelin dinner fellowed with a lot of great wine!
We were in a romantic room with very dimmed lights---not so easy to take pictures, but who cares? We were having the greatest time ever! B and I were legally married!! The very first and hopefully the last time in my life!

The modern twist of traditional Swedish food: moose jerky! My mother in law prepared the nice rose bouquet for me, very kind and sweet! Thank you B-mother~
The other modern twist of Swedish food, dark bread with liver mousse , fried onion.etc...too drunk to remember at this point!

Scallop lollipop! Impressive
Look how happy he was with his vanilla ice cream and cloudberry reduction!
Amazing tender deer with chantarelle mushroom with some kind of consomme jelly

Happy and drunk group,We are Family!

The sweet night ended with a surprise! B book a honeymoon suite in Grand hotel,very nice work 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

High Tech--save the day

We had no free time, the Taiwanese design companies kept us crazy busy.
The clock was ticking and we nearly had no time to design, print and mail out our "save the day" invitation. So, we turned to the modern tech and social network to save our butt" FACEBOOK!!"

灣的設計公司真是名不虛傳,我們幾乎天天加班,日也操夜也操...轉眼之間,離婚禮時間已經不多啦! 大家紛紛詢問,"你們婚禮是要辦不辦?"我們的婚禮選在瑞典夏天, 很多人計畫要出城渡假, 我們一定要事先讓大家知道婚禮日期來賓才能把時間排開.
好拉,我們拖拖拉拉的最後一刻,印"save the day" 卡也來不及寄, 所以我們轉而求助現代網路科技, 用"臉書"[中文有點詭異..]來邀請大家!

I designed the simple save-the-day card and post on line for RSVP


Thank god most of our friends were computer nerds, it worked!
我們大部分的朋友都是網路重度使用者, 只能說,臉書真是太好用啦!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why you are reading this..

When I started writing this blog I had a very practical reason---I needed to communicate with my wedding planner in Stockholm. That's why I started this blog and that's way you can find weird blog posts in the beginning.

I have to say: it is a totally bitch to try to have a wedding in a place is far far away from where you live!!

辦一個越洋婚禮對我來說, 除了麻煩, 還是麻煩!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The start of this story...

Our story is just like other people, we met at school, been through so many events together, found out nothing could break us apart at this point and we decided to get MARRIED!

Although this is a simple story, we still feel this is a miracle we find each other and everything works between us! The only complicated part is we come from very different countries. B is a Swedish spent most of his life in USA and I am a Taiwanese girl went to US for study. After our graduation, B proposed to me in Maui [Oh the big YES YES YES]

Then, before we start our story of marriage, the first question pop out: 

The obvious answer will be Los Angeles but we are not planning to fly all our family and childhood friends cross oceans to USA. No, we are not going to get us in deep trouble.

Then, Where? We think through all kinds of possibilities and find out that there is no way to avoid the trouble. So we decide we will have 3 wedding ceremonies:

1.Registry in Sweden before we relocate ourselves for job.
2.Wedding ceremony in Sweden
3.Return ceremony in Taiwan

Sounds great, isn't it?

這個故事跟這個世界大部份的愛情故事差不太多, 2個人在學校相遇,一起經歷過生命中的點點滴滴,發現似乎沒有甚麼事能將我們分開, 於是,我們決定, 應該是可以結婚吧?

故事簡單, 但,能發現彼此,還能自在的相處,還真不是一件簡單的事,算是奇蹟一樁!
在這看似一切簡單的狀態中, 還是有一件事是有一點點複雜的. b和我來自南轅北撤的兩個國家.

瘋狂快樂的求婚之旅後, 一個超大的問號宛如晴天霹靂出現:

Thursday, August 12, 2010


It is crazy time past so soon after our wedding a year ago.

I think it is about the time I start to put what happened during our wedding before I forget all the fun and pain details.......

For those people we love and who love us.




Thursday, June 11, 2009

AI,Please look at this link below. I have preliminary booked 2 "BIG" vases the are higher than me and I am 1,70 cm. We can rent them. They have one red and one white! They are so cool!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The BBQ party at Qvallsta

About the BBQ party on July 4th, Here is the rough [very rough] map of Qvallsta I drew.

Hope you can get the basic image of the place.

When you get in the entrance you will se some space for parking if we need.
A cute center lawn maybe need some light bulbs on it.

You can get to the lake by enter the main house or just pass through the side of the main building.
I think the main building might be under remodeling but we still can use the bathroom in the side buildings.

Our idea is having the BBQ grill in front of the Patio on the lawn with a big table on which the food will be placed. The music center can be on the patio as well?

Some small chairs and picnic blanket on the lawn and by the water and on the deck.

Small lights everywhere during the evening time.

Hope you can get a rough idea of what it will be like.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My ideal wedding cake

Since first time I visited Stockholm and Adam showed me this bakery called Tosse, I knew I want to have their Princess cake + Chocolate opera cake as my wedding cake AKA the most important cake in my life time!! Haha.

The idea is to put 1 big chocolate opera as base and one mid size princess cake on top of it , and put a small opera and topping with an mini princess. I will draw the cake out soon, but I have to get the cake book of Martha Steward first.......

The original cakes look like these [ They are sooooooooo YUMMY!!]

I can not find the princess cake pictures I took last summer....
But I found this picture on line, and I want my wedding princess cake have lots of berries in side!!