Friday, May 20, 2011

White Wedding-Poland part one: getting there

I know, I know, I didn't have time to finish writing about my own wedding but I am going to write about this winter wedding hold the coming weekend.

Now, I am on my way to the event---a romantic winter wedding in Karpacz Portland. A lovely couple I met back in Sweden are getting hitched and they decide to tide the nod in Portland where the groom original is from. They love to have a snowy ceremony and we all have to fly to the lovely Polish ski area for their big day!

Unfortunately there is no flight directly to Poland from Taiwan and we decide to fly to Seoul first and connect the flight to Prague from there and take 3 hours bus to get to the final destination. We always want to check out Seoul where my parents grew up and this is a good chance for us to visit my the other hometown.

So, the plan is: Fly to Seoul and stay there for 2 days, fly to Prague from Seoul and stay in Prague for 4 days. Join the rest of the guests in Prague station and take the party bus from Prague city to Karpacz. Stay over the wedding weekend, come back to Prague for one day and fly to Seoul. Stay in Seoul one night and fly back to Taiwan. What a trip! I am super looking forward to the wedding.

Our day in Seoul started with, no doubt, food!