Monday, June 1, 2009

The BBQ party at Qvallsta

About the BBQ party on July 4th, Here is the rough [very rough] map of Qvallsta I drew.

Hope you can get the basic image of the place.

When you get in the entrance you will se some space for parking if we need.
A cute center lawn maybe need some light bulbs on it.

You can get to the lake by enter the main house or just pass through the side of the main building.
I think the main building might be under remodeling but we still can use the bathroom in the side buildings.

Our idea is having the BBQ grill in front of the Patio on the lawn with a big table on which the food will be placed. The music center can be on the patio as well?

Some small chairs and picnic blanket on the lawn and by the water and on the deck.

Small lights everywhere during the evening time.

Hope you can get a rough idea of what it will be like.

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  1. So nice area....Have You looked at the menu etc from Pontus Catering I send you?