Friday, August 13, 2010

The start of this story...

Our story is just like other people, we met at school, been through so many events together, found out nothing could break us apart at this point and we decided to get MARRIED!

Although this is a simple story, we still feel this is a miracle we find each other and everything works between us! The only complicated part is we come from very different countries. B is a Swedish spent most of his life in USA and I am a Taiwanese girl went to US for study. After our graduation, B proposed to me in Maui [Oh the big YES YES YES]

Then, before we start our story of marriage, the first question pop out: 

The obvious answer will be Los Angeles but we are not planning to fly all our family and childhood friends cross oceans to USA. No, we are not going to get us in deep trouble.

Then, Where? We think through all kinds of possibilities and find out that there is no way to avoid the trouble. So we decide we will have 3 wedding ceremonies:

1.Registry in Sweden before we relocate ourselves for job.
2.Wedding ceremony in Sweden
3.Return ceremony in Taiwan

Sounds great, isn't it?

這個故事跟這個世界大部份的愛情故事差不太多, 2個人在學校相遇,一起經歷過生命中的點點滴滴,發現似乎沒有甚麼事能將我們分開, 於是,我們決定, 應該是可以結婚吧?

故事簡單, 但,能發現彼此,還能自在的相處,還真不是一件簡單的事,算是奇蹟一樁!
在這看似一切簡單的狀態中, 還是有一件事是有一點點複雜的. b和我來自南轅北撤的兩個國家.

瘋狂快樂的求婚之旅後, 一個超大的問號宛如晴天霹靂出現:

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