Wednesday, August 25, 2010

High Tech--save the day

We had no free time, the Taiwanese design companies kept us crazy busy.
The clock was ticking and we nearly had no time to design, print and mail out our "save the day" invitation. So, we turned to the modern tech and social network to save our butt" FACEBOOK!!"

灣的設計公司真是名不虛傳,我們幾乎天天加班,日也操夜也操...轉眼之間,離婚禮時間已經不多啦! 大家紛紛詢問,"你們婚禮是要辦不辦?"我們的婚禮選在瑞典夏天, 很多人計畫要出城渡假, 我們一定要事先讓大家知道婚禮日期來賓才能把時間排開.
好拉,我們拖拖拉拉的最後一刻,印"save the day" 卡也來不及寄, 所以我們轉而求助現代網路科技, 用"臉書"[中文有點詭異..]來邀請大家!

I designed the simple save-the-day card and post on line for RSVP


Thank god most of our friends were computer nerds, it worked!
我們大部分的朋友都是網路重度使用者, 只能說,臉書真是太好用啦!

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