Saturday, September 4, 2010

Register our marriage

2009. Sep. 9th B and I tided the knot in Stockholm before we moved to Taiwan.
Talking about registration, sounded very complicated but it was really out of my imagination here! No need to wait in line, no city hall. The ceremony was hold at one of our favorite restaurant in town--" Leijontornet" means the lion's tower. It is a cozy and historical spot in old town.

The process was shockingly simple, a city judge came to the restaurant, read some announcement, made us signed the papers and we were hitched! Then we all moved to the private room call " Dragon room" had a feast --the perfect ending for a registration!

That was a one star Michelin dinner fellowed with a lot of great wine!
We were in a romantic room with very dimmed lights---not so easy to take pictures, but who cares? We were having the greatest time ever! B and I were legally married!! The very first and hopefully the last time in my life!

The modern twist of traditional Swedish food: moose jerky! My mother in law prepared the nice rose bouquet for me, very kind and sweet! Thank you B-mother~
The other modern twist of Swedish food, dark bread with liver mousse , fried onion.etc...too drunk to remember at this point!

Scallop lollipop! Impressive
Look how happy he was with his vanilla ice cream and cloudberry reduction!
Amazing tender deer with chantarelle mushroom with some kind of consomme jelly

Happy and drunk group,We are Family!

The sweet night ended with a surprise! B book a honeymoon suite in Grand hotel,very nice work 

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