Sunday, September 26, 2010

Taiwanese way

Taiwanese has some customs when it comes to weddings.

Taking pre-wedding photo is one of them.
Besides taking pictures during the wedding ceremony, Taiwanese usually will make a photo album about their love stories ahead of time so the guests can WOW and HWA when they wait to get in the ceremony hall.

Sounds silly, and it is. When we just moved to Taiwan B saw some couples taking pre-wedding pictures around our apartment, and he swore he would not be one of them! Well, never say never. We also had our pics taken and make them into a HUGE photo album.

The best part of this photo shoot was the bride got to wear a lot of more dresses than just the one in the ceremony! So I went to Julia wedding again to pick the extra clothes for our photo shoot.

All the grooms who are going to get married to Taiwanese brides have to know one essential idea--the bride is the super star in this photo shoot and the groom is somehow a prop in the background. You can tell by the the numbers of dresses they offered me to try-on!

My point of this photo shoot was "exaggerating", any ridicurous and crazy dresses, just bring them on!!

Some sexiness was good for cheering my dear B up during the upcoming longggggg photo shoot.

OK, I think you all enough of me today.

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