Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wedding dress

Searching for a perfect wedding dress is always a bitchy journey.

In Taiwan, 99%of brides rent their wedding dress, wedding dress rental is a huge industry here. B is a Swedish, he doesn't like the idea of renting my dress for the big day " Think about it, once of your life time! You don't want to rent a dress somebody else may had it on" he said.

OMG, B has no idea buying a dress is not easy here, I either has to fly back to USA for buying a dress or I have to custom make one here. Overall, it is cheaper and more convenient to make my dress here.

We find to a place where they can design and make a wedding dress for me with decent quality in Taipei city. The place called "Julia wedding" they do wedding photo, dress rental and design, make up and hair etc.. The price is not that cheap--I can buy a Vera Wong with that budget.The process was very detailed, my wedding dress designer will reference my desires and pictures to come out with 3 idea sketches and I pick one to do mock-up. I have to do 3 times fitting and they will sew the whole dress all over again with the real material.

The first and second fitting was disappointing...
The cut didn't fit me well, too much shit on the dress.

The last fitting my sister and I were finally feeling there is a hope that I can walk down the aisle not naked,haha.

Actually, it was better than that, when they put the veil on me to try out the mock-up, my sister was feeling emotional and had a tear in her eye [she insisted that's because she was pregnant and moody] Adam never saw the dress till the wedding, we did pretty good job to hide the dress away from him!

Here is the final mock-up looks like

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