Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2 years.

When you are having fun, time flies.

I guess that's why it dawned on us to realize we have been legally married for 2 year now! Wow, what happened?

We basically ate our way into our marriage, therefore, there is no exception this time.
Usually, I am the decision maker in turns of what we gonna eat, but this time, I gave the right to my dear husband B. I don't know where we are going to till the morning I ask him what I should wear for the occasion. Surprisingly, he goes for the traditional way, a Michelin star chef glorious french restaurant --L'atelier de Joel Robuchon Taipei

This is our 5th time eating there, I am liking this place more and more! The first time we
dined there with B's parents [about more than a year ago] it was a letdown cause we felt the atmosphere, service and food were very amateur comparing to the L'atelier we went in Paris. I think it was because we ordered the set menu [ little boring for our taste] and they were trying to form a new team at that time.

The restaurant is located at the most luxury shopping mall in Taipei city, you can feel it when you walk across the marble floor to get into the left. When we walk in the mall on a weekday noon, it gives us the guilty pleasure feeling that knowing other people are still working at this moment, hahaa.

B emailed the main chef--Yosuke Suga whom we accidentally chat one time in the restaurant before and told him today is our anniversary. He manages to give us a private corner with beautiful orchids to avoid we celebrate our marriage with 20 other people by the bar. Since they actually are fully booked it is a miracle we get this great spot~
2 years ago and now,any difference?

Sadly the main chef is not there cause he is on the business trip with the Mr. Robuchon to
Macao. It doesn't matter, the lunch is just as great as we expected!
The relatively new sommelier comes by with preparation, I am so happy to see he takes out the big gun!

Champagne without request~yummmm.

We get the menu along with the champagne, we toast away the "lunch special" and dig 
into the a la carte , this is a serious meal!
The sommelier is very nice and immediately point out which dishes are new ones and they have fresh 
oysters from France to die for. An aphrodisiac appetizer sounds great for today, we gonna have it~ We 
each order one other appetizer and one main course and one dessert,this is gonna be a long long lunch 
and we are looking forward to it.

I decide to wear exactly the same dress I wore the night we registered our marriage in Stockholm. 
I guess this will be one of my new traditions from now on--just hope I can still fit in that dress when I am 
50 years old lol.

Almost every thing is the same but I change my mind when it comes to shoes!
I had my beloved Prada on 2 year ago but I go for the new Dolce and Gabbana leather print 
The food is here

Amuse bouche is a new experience to me, the textures play a big part in this shot glass. 
I love the jelly and creamy foam mixed on my tongue. These 2 oysters are not creamy but 
full of the great saltiness, ocean flavor as if we have a bite of entire French coast.
Then the next 2 amazing appetizers hit us.

He says the huge bite taste better
I have the langoustine carpaccio with poppy seeds and B has some ravioli with peas and chantarelle. The carpaccio is one of the best carpaccio I ever had and the meat is firm, fresh and flavorful. The herbs and poppy seeds are so refreshing and this dish is served under perfect temperature. L'atelier is always good with peas and this dish is creamy and dreamy. The chantarelle is more moisture than the way we usually prepare it at home but still adds a great smell and texture to the dish.

More to come~

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